First-Year Writing at Emory

Writing Across Emory (WAE)

The WAE website has handouts and presentations about

  • Handling the Paper Load
  • Designing a Continuing Writing Class
  • Writing and Second-Language Learners
  • Responding to Student Writing
  • Using Writing to Learn
  • Scaffolding Writing Assignments
  • Using Peer Response to Writing

Emory Support Resources

Orientation Resources – 2017-2018

OUE Academic Calendar

Spring 2018: Agenda
Fall 2017: Agenda and Supporting Material, including links provided by Joonna Trapp.

Library Presentation
Gabrielle Dudley and Melanie Kowalski

Library and First-Year Writing Information Sheet
Katie Rawson

FERPA and Honor Code Presentation
Honor Code Guide for Instructors in the College (2017-2018)
Did I Plagiarize? Infographic (scroll down for version that you can click and enlarge)
Jason Ciejka

First-Year Writing Assessment
David Morgen